It isn't uncommon nowadays to find young people searching to find what their purpose is. Even on a more basic level, finding a career that not only they can be successful in, but also enjoy the work they do. And in all honesty, the same was true for me. I may not be where I thought I would be 5 years ago, but I know that it is all working out for the better.  

If you had asked me even just a few years ago where I thought I would be now or what career field I would be in, I probably wouldn't have guessed it would be web design. Even though I have always had a passion and interest in technology, music has always been my number one. But with that said, I have really grown to love web design. I love being able to see something transform from a thought or idea and change into something visual that can have an impact on the day-to-day.  

Technology plays such a huge role in everyone's lives and I am so lucky to get to work on it everyday. I want to work with people and help them promote what they are passionate about. I am a firm believer that technology should help people, not make their lives more difficult. As a web designer, I want to make sure that I help make that a reality for those that might not see things the way I do. 

I hope I get the opportunity to work with you and that together we can


Be the Change